Research On Consumer


Usage & Attitude Study
  • Measure attitudes, perceptions of consumers / customers with labels, advertising companies and compare competing brands.
  • Analysis routine use of consumers / customers for products, brands of the company. Identify factors affecting the decision to purchase and use products and brands.

Customer satisfaction
  • Measure consumer satisfaction with products and services company.
  • Identify the factors that create dissatisfaction. Explore the response of consumers / customers when heart trouble. Suggest remedial measures and improvements.
  • Actively planning for clients, handling cases complaints, complaints by customers.

Research brand (Brand study)
  • Assessing the recognition of a brand and image of the brand before and after launching a campaign to promote the brand to measure the effectiveness of communication activities.
  • Attitude of customers for a product, brand to improve customer service improve competitiveness. Or redress deviations aware of brand names, real benefit of business enterprises.
  • Brand positioning: to collect feedback from customers and market products on the market through which to find a suitable positioning for products and their brands.

Home Placement Test, Central Location Test
  • Measure of consumers' favorite / customers before launch new products.
  • Assess opportunities and risks launch new products.

  • Discussion groups (Focus Group Discussions)
  • Depth interviews (Indepth Interviews)