Market Research

VMIS Co., Ltd provides technology and manpower to partners and clients who have a need to understand the behavior trends of end-users, as well as analyze market data to propose solutions related to marketing and business decision-making for partners and clients.

  • Problem exploration and research proposal for clients
    With research experience in research in many markets, including niche markets, VMIS Co., Ltd easily grasps the problems that clients are facing. Depending on the issues, needs, and characteristics of each field, we will propose data collection methods that are suitable for the objectives and budgets of partners and clients.
  • Organization and implementation of market information collection
    VMIS Co., Ltd is confident in its abundant manpower and optimized research methods that help achieve the best results. In addition, VMIS Co., Ltd knows how to coordinate and manage personnel, assigning specific tasks to each member, which helps to achieve high work efficiency. At the same time, we combine traditional research methods, including surveys, group discussions, individual interviews, and experimental observation, with modern research methods such as CAPI and WATI.
  • Analysis of results and solution consulting for clients
    We provide results by illustrating and visualizing data that respond to strategic planning, tactical planning, and action. In addition, VMIS Co., Ltd is ready to advise and propose to clients which decisions to make to bring about the most suitable effectiveness.